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Muestras de monólogos y diálogos de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas

Originally posted on Welcome to English! Academia en Sagunto:
Howdy,                                                                 Os dejo dos enlaces con muestras de exámenes orales de la Escuela Oficial. Son exámenes que salieron en la Escuela Oficial de Sagunto en 2008, 2009, 2010 y 2011. Para molólogos B1 click aquí Para diálogos B1 click aquí  Y recordad que si os estáis preparando…

Teaching Culture

Classroom techniques and ICT’s to tackle literature and culture in secondary education

Teaching culture is extremely important in ESL and EFL classes because language and culture are linked and the idea of teaching one without the other is unconceivable for me. However, there are many teachers and syllabus that seem to overview this fact and they just pay attention to the teaching of linguistic aspects like grammatical … Continue reading

Teaching Culture

LESSON PLAN on Human Rights The purpose is to work on the human rights, especially freedom of speech. Participants: Miriam Tapia, Desiré Peris Torregrosa, Jennifer, Merce Quiralte Teams: White Club, Black Club, Women’s Rights Club, Jury, Households’ Club. Supplies: Trailer from the film “The Help” An adapted excerpt from the book “the Help” written by … Continue reading